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When it came into our lives, I think nobody even realized that one day it will become our identity. It gathered its popularity amid college going students initially and then surpassed every limit by becoming a morning charm and an evening delight for the teenagers and the retired genes too. Yes it’s Whatsapp! We never analyzed its importance until our mothers started scolding us for its excessive use. Today, it has become the backbone for the communication. It gets your friend sitting thousand miles away, near to you in fraction of a blink. It turned out the medium to reciprocate our feelings with each other and a crucially important for formal workers too. It twisted stuff around in such an immense manner that if one isn’t using a Whatsapp, then he/she is implicit to be either dead or mentally retired. Every morning seeing Whatsapp is like a starting boost for us. Whole day our eyes keep lingers around the phone to check whether it is our school group who is missing us or is it our little crush. We keep ourselves ever ready for each and every message that is gonna come across us in that particular day. The whole thing fluctuates around a word Whatsapp. Whatsapp is the need of the moment and is capturing us very positively. But a question that rises in my mind is: What if one day it vanishes away from our lives? Would we still gonna bother about posting a birthday status of our friend in the stories? Would we still talk to our loved ones in “three at a time” outline?

Are we still gonna ponder about DP removals or Whatsapp deletion of our pals? Or is it the wrong question that I am asking? Do we care? Like, really do we care why people are running away from us when new one has been added into our Whatsapp grid?

Or is it just a web trap that we are creating for our genuine feelings. The sense of caring that rises from the questions in our conversations about each other’s health and meals. Is that factual?

We make promises that are supposed to be immortal. Do they really stand?

Just uninstalling it from our phones will give us a Kick start to a new journey of life. Is it so?

I don’t know what it means to you. But I know one thing, that it thrashed away many adoring pumps by turning blue ticks to none. It snatched away the real emotions from your face and gave a bunch of emoticons to define your expressions. It gave you a public board named as “status” to display your disturbing health. It conceivably gave you dark circles around your eyes. It didn’t just pushed away friends down the list, but also moved them out of our thoughts.

I know it’s a tough day that you may be having, but believe me just one call won’t make a difference to your tiring body. One meet isn’t going to bother your hectic schedule much. Just go out and compose some fun without distressing about your next Whatsapp DP. Live it for yourself not for your grid Live Stories.

Just let it go. Do, what makes you happy. Listen to the sea shores. Sit on the roof tops. Look at the sky for the stars. Gather people around you. And make it worthy for living.

Try it. Because, it might get you across some real life stories, and possibly it can really turn gears around this time with your crush.

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