TVF – The viral fever isn’t viral anymore ?

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With the huge increase in the asking rate for the web series on Youtube, every entertainment brand is coming up with their own sort of series and trying to indulge more and more viewers to their side.

With the changed policies of Youtube, every house is grabbing subscribers and numerous watching hours to keep their wallets filled.

The only thing that is pinching viewers is the absence and irregularity of their most loved Youtube Channel – The Viral Fever

TVF is the one of the channel that made short web series trending in India. Following TVF, many productions came into this genre and made surprisingly everyone is doing good. As of May 2018, the TVF network has 7 YouTube channels with over 8 million total subscribers.

The Viral Fever was one of the early arrivals on the Indian digital entertainment scene with videos covering a range of topics on Indian politics, movies, lifestyle, and emerging social concepts. The Viral Fever was the pioneer of web-series in India with cult hits like Permanent Roommates & Pitchers.

But with the good track record of giving hits on genuine basis, somehow TVF went down on the expectations of the fans.

From past two years, a sudden decline is noticed in the content by TVF on youtube. The game changers like Permanent Roommates and The Pitchers just made a mark for the TVF and going below that isn’t acceptable.

The possible technical reason behind could be the transition of CEOs. Arunabh Kumar stepped down from CEO after his sexual harassment controversy. Dhawal Gusain is active CEO for the firm.

Hope they make a comeback with the upcoming season of Permanent Roommates. All the best to the team TVF and wish to see more melodrama from them.

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