Pregnant Serena Williams poses nude for Vanity Fair cover shoot

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Serena Williams and her pregnant paunch are included in a bare photograph on the front of the latest issue of Vanity Fair, as indicated by Guardian.

The photo by Annie Leibovitz portrays Williams, who has won 23 thousand hammer singles titles, before a stark foundation, naked aside from her turn before her bosoms and a midriff chain.

Williams declared her pregnancy in April, posting a Snapchat photograph of herself with the subtitle “20 weeks”. In a meeting with Vanity Fair, she said she learned she was pregnant just before the Australian Open, which she won.

“In the event that you would have revealed to me a year ago in October or November that I would have a child, not be pregnant but rather have an infant, I would have thought you were the greatest liar on the planet,” Williams disclosed to Vanity Fair.


“This is somewhat how I am at the present time. This is going on sooner than later, and it’s passing by so quick.”

She is having the child with her life partner, the Reddit prime supporter Alexis Ohanian. The article going with the Vanity Fair photograph recounts the account of their relationship.


Williams shared a picture of the Vanity Fair cover on Tuesday morning and welcomed individuals to figure whether she was having a kid or young lady.


“I’m enduring to discover however would love to hear your musings,” she said.

The cover was discharged that day John McEnroe said he would not apologize for saying Williams would be positioned around No 700 on the planet on the off chance that she played in the men’s amusement.

Williams advised McEnroe to “regard me and my security as I’m attempting to have an infant”.

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