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Pahlaj Nihalani-Approved These Bollywood Songs That Are Actually About Sex

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Bollywood is a weird place, where sex sells yet no one is permitted to discuss it. Despite the fact that people in films don’t appear to have a decent handle of what is assent and what is provocation, they do know how to get make things as boorish as the sanskaar detachment would allow. The most ideal approach to get around the control inconveniences however? Simply make a tune stacked with allusion that will put your padoswali close relative to disgrace on the off chance that you hear it out in their essence.

Throughout the years, Bollywood has thought of strategies that would make previous CBFC boss Pahlaj Nihalani glad (we expect). From the times of Sarkai Lo Khatiya to Dreamum Wakeupum, from the grand works of Anu Malik to that of present day prodigies like Amit Trivedi – we have had an assortment of brilliant tunes that have all been tied in with doing the deed without unequivocally saying as much. Here are only a couple of those exemplary jewels that were very probably the most prominent movies, not simply forgettable B-review ones. Listen painstakingly to take after the verses and touch base at the goal that was initially proposed; do it all alone. It will be an epiphany, we guarantee.

Main Maal Gaadi from Andaz

Khada Hai from Andaz

Gup Chup Gup Chup from Karan Arjun

Dil Dola from Angry Indian Goddesses

Aga Bai from Aiyya

Sarkai Lo Khatiya from Raja Babu

Exercise Song from Prem Aggan

Ring Ring Ringa from Slumdog Millionaire


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