Mumbai City FC combines alliance with rooter

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The Mumbai City Soccer Club announced a deal with Fan Engagement Company-Rooter to increase its fan base in the Indian Super League (ISL). Rooter is the world’s first real-time sports social platform. After this agreement, Rooter will be the Mumbai-Mumbai FC’s official fan engagement partner this year. This partnership will increase the number of rooter users and the happiness of the people of Mumbai City FC.

Mumbai City FC is known for its tactical football game and great players such as Diego Forlan, coach Alexander Guimaras and every heart Aziz Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor, who play very good football themselves. Mumbai City FC is one of those teams, which are the most talked about every season of ISL. The goal of the rooter is to further promote the growing popularity of the club and in this direction, the current fans of the club will be given unique opportunities to join the club and new fans will be acquired and the fan base of the club expands in other parts of Maharashtra and the rest of India.

Will be done. Indranil Das Blah, CEO of Mumbai City FC said, “We want to give our fans the best possible way to connect with the club. We are happy that the rooter offer will help us to take care of the fan engagement, One of the most important aspects of the season. ” Ruhr founder and CEO Piyush said on this coalition: “We are very excited to become the official fan of MCFC before the ISL this year.” Rooter’s acceptance of the rooter with Mumbai City FC will be much stronger. ”

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