Lost in Space: an interstellar adventure that seems exciting as much as it seems ambitious

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Netflix’s latest series comes in the name of ‘Lost in Space’, an interstellar adventure that seems exciting as much as it seems ambitious. The story centers around the Robinson Family who escape the an uninhabitable Earth in the year 2046 in a ship named The Resolute, only to crash-land on an unknown planet, where they encounter intelligent alien life.

Looking at the episodes now, as much as it was looking at the trailers, it is pretty clear that Netflix has gone all the way with its big-budget science-fiction series, which looks to add another ambitious project to their list. Ranging from some best-in-class CGI to the character and plot development, the show has been especially appreciated for the characters of the Robinson family and the acting of the performers portraying them.


Though itself a remake of a series of the same name from the 1960s, Netflix’s project banks on the fact that the present generation might not be well aware of the original. ‘Lost in Space’ when compared to the original series and to its predecessors in sci-fi space films and series, may not be very groundbreaking and fresh, but certainly manages to retain a piece of joy for the hardcore lovers of the genre.


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