Let Love be your cup of tea

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Love stories always manage to capture and hold my attention. I feel the chills of other’s stories as if I were a part of them. People fall in love too easily once they think they have found their perfect mate. You can’t predict the time when you are going to find each other neither the place. She may be waiting for you at the stand as a stranger for a beginning of her love era. One could meet you at the corners of your life in form of buddies. She may be the girl sitting next to you right now reading this with eyes tickling in here. She may be the one you saw in the rains last time. She can meet you anywhere in this long race course called life. Its a two way path thus she is either going to collide you one day else one of you will overtake and will look at each other. That first smirk can be the trick to kick start your trip of love.
People always say that love is as divine as soul but I say that feeling of love is itself better than love. You must not resist yourself from falling for her. The fear of rejection and heart break actually diminishes the creation of sheen saga. May be you were at the urge of experiencing best tranquility you were searching for.
Don’t ever lose faith in love. This track isn’t easy. It will take you to dream zone and down falls will be frequent too. You might face times when you would be alone to understand what you exactly feel and no helping hands to deal with the pain of emptiness. Its gonna test your patience to wait for her. Don’t ever give upon your love. Its simply most precious notion. Although it isn’t easy to define what feeling of love is all about but if you feel for her in anyway do tell her. May be she is waiting for your words. Tell her before its too late. Tell her before someone else holds her hand. Tell her what you feel and wait for her. She can accept you or reject you but do respect her and her choice.
Do remember that Love is a magic wand. If spells go right world is all yours n if it goes wrong then art is all yours. You never lose in love.

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