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We all know Kota as an education city and the largest hub for jee/neet preparation. But in recent years it went famous for Suicide and depression cases too. So here are some things that parents and students need do go through before sending your ward to kota.

  • Isko Laga dala toh life jhinga lala: Many sub-urban and rural people think that Kota isnt a place, its a Coaching classes only. Usually they name it as KOTA pattern and analyze Kota as a filter where they will send their special child to study and finally they will get a filtered product with zero impurities.
  • Gagaland: Many of the Students coming to Kota dont even know what is so important about it. They decide to jump into a city where they dont know even a single person and neither they know about their career goals. All they know is that it is Karma Bhoomi. All they have heard about is the famous teachers and their teaching methodologies. They are hardly interested in what teachers are going to teach. They just want to enjoy the entertaining teachers.



  • Dimaag bohat h isme bas yeh dhyaan nai deta padai mai: Indian parents are poor at accepting the facts. They deny that 10th marks are not the base for the judgement of future. They cannot accept that their child isn’t a brilliant one in science and mathematics. All they scream is, “ Dimaag bohat h isme bas yeh dhyaan nai deta padai mai.” This dialogue has defeated many sensible battles of teachers and parents.
  • Advisory Board: Indian parents are poor at recognizing the talent of their own kid. But some how, they have a veto power to be the part of the advisory commission that decides the future of other Kids of the family.


  • Kya padhate h yaar: Students that have been to kota in their studying years and failed to crack their entrances are the real gyaan makers nowadays. These are the students that managed to pull off their 12 boards at the last moment, but will brag about Kota as if they have mastered the class. These students just create a dreamland in other young minds and then they encourage youngsters to live that life too. From teaching them how to make fun out of these two years to what is important and what’s not, they just know everything and possibly will become the faculty one day in coaching. But they often miss judge the efforts required to be a faculty.
  • Mai aur meri Bimaari aksar khudse kaha krte h: Students that didnt worked hard are also seen saying,” Go Kota for your further studies. I worked very hard but got injured or impaired or ill at the time of exams and didnt managed to cracked the entrances. I have a poor luck. But you can surely do it if you will study hard.” These statements enthusiast young ones to try their luck in Kota. But i dont think its Las Vegas that will gamble your future here. Either you belong to that race else you need to accept your failure. Their is no midway.


  • Mai b topper, tu b topper: Parents sometimes misjudge the results. Every coaching showcase their top ranker and parents just start expecting the same with their ward. A common statement that arises is – “Jab woh karr skta h tu kyu nai. Hum sab de toh rahe fir b tu nai kar raha.”
  • Big Boss Chahte h: People expect that coaching will hang statement outside every center saying, “ We can make only those people select who have basic intellect and are ready to hard work.” And why would they do that. Did you ever heard DTH Set Top Box flashing messages like “watch yout TV regularly. You have purchased a HD pack. Watch it else your money will drown.” In same manner now one is going to flash it for you everyday.

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