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Here Is Why Varun Dhawan Had To Delete His Tweet Praising Remo D’Souza’s Show, ‘Dance Plus’

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We have seen probably the most stunning move moves by Varun Dhawan choreographed by Remo D’Souza’. in movies like ‘ABCD 2’. Obviously, the ‘Student Of The Year’ performing artist is likewise a gigantic enthusiast of the renowned choreographer.

The performing artist expresses his feelings by appreciating Remo’s associates in Bollywood. one of Dhawan’s latest tweets about D’Souza’s Dance reality  show doesn’t please  one of his brand endorsements much due to which Dhawan seems in trouble

Impressed by the Concept of Remo D’Souza’s Television show ‘Dance Plus’, Varun Dhawan stated,

Dance Plus defiantly has the best live dance acts on Tv superb #DancePlus3 @remodsouza

Check out the screenshot of Varun Dhawan’s tweet here:

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In any case, his honest to goodness command for the demonstrate that is publicized on Star Plus landed him in a bad position as he was made a request to evacuate the tweet by one the brands he supports.

Sony Sab TV had reserved Varun Dhawan in as their brand Ambassador a month ago. Ensuing to his tweet applauding ‘Dance Plus’, Sony Sab TV ask Varun to erase his tweet as he couldn’t be supporting an competitor  channel or any of its shows. The tweet was erased by Varun early.

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