Hackers leaked the script of the 5th episode of ‘Game of Thrones’, sought Ransom

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Hackers have leaked the fifth episode of the game ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7, which was ready to broadcast on August 13th , and demanded a ransom from the US-based television network. In a report, it was said on Tuesday that the leaked items include several internal documents of HBO, including the month’s top executive’s email, finance balance sheet, employment agreement and marketing-strategy. It is believed that hackers have sent a warning to HBO Chairman and CEO Richard Plaper, and have sought a ransom in the six-month salary bitcoin, which is about $ 6 million. Not doing so, they have threatened to continue leaking.

Plepar claimed in the email sent to his employees last week, “Many people have expressed concern about our email system, at this time we do not believe that our full email system has been compromised, but forensic review is going on.

Hackers wrote in a letter sent to HBO, “Our demand is clear and no agreement can be made with it. 1. We want $ **** to stop leaking your data.” 2. HBO market research spends $ 1 million and spends $ 50 million on advertising of ‘Game of Thrones’, so think of us as another budget for your advertising. ”


Further in the letter it has been written, “Leakage will be your worst nightmare, so make a wise decision.”


Hackers have said that this is a game for them. They do not want to harm HBO, they want to be their partner in the small part of HBO’s large income.

Meanwhile, HBO spokesman Jeff Kassan has said that the company is hoping to recover data and the forensic review is underway.

Earlier, in the event that the fourth episode of ‘Game of Thrones Season 7’ was leaked online from Star India on August 4 just two days before its broadcast

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