Eight Celebrity Pairs Who Walked The Ramp Together And Raised The Hotness Bar

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We as a whole basically cherish the way our Bollywood celebs look. At whatever point some astounding pictures of B-Town cuties make the round of the web, we don’t get exhausted of looking at those snaps over and over, particularly, the ones from stupendous design occasions. Be it a performer or an on-screen character, watching them hit the runway is most likely a treat to the eyes of all B-Town fans out there.

Recently when the smart pair Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh strolled the incline as the works of art for the extremely skilled architect Manish Malhotra at the India Couture Week, I was missing the mark concerning words to express how captivating the couple looked while strolling as one on the slope. So extremely illustrious they took a gander at the occasion. Alia and Ranveer wearing Manish Malhotra group looked so hot that it actually wound up noticeably hard to take eyes off.

While viewing the provocative twosome sizzle on the slope, I recalled huge numbers of such Celebs who sashayed the incline together and made the crowd hunger for additional. Investigate the most perfect VIPs who strolled the incline together:

                                                                           Alia Bhatt & Ranveer Singh

A picture from the continuous India Couture Week, where Alia and Ranveer took million hearts when hit the runway.

Alia and Ranveer have prior worked in numerous promotion ads together. The science that charming Alia and idiosyncratic Ranveer shared on the incline was basically dazzling. I am certain like that of us even you need to watch this onscreen couple together in a film.

                                                                                            Shah Rukh Khan & Gauri

The media and the group of onlookers went insane when interestingly, this super hot genuine couple led the runway when they strolled for their dear companion and executive Karan Johar at HDIL India Couture Week.

SRK and his ruler Gauri looked amazing at the slope.

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