Coffee made from dung of elephants, it is coming soon

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It may sound strange to read the news but it is reality. Very soon you will also see such a caffeine in which elephant dung will be used. In the coming time, you may see such a coffee in the market. This type of coffee is called Black Ivory. In South India, efforts are being made very fast in this direction. Farmers are also very excited by the results of so far. Going forward in the market to launch coffee made from cow dung soon.


Coffee made from elephant dung is known as ‘Black Ivory Coffee’and is very expensive. It is sold at the rate of 72 thousand rupees per kg in the market.

Elephants of South India eat coffee growing plants in fields and forests. Including coffee seeds. Elephants can not digest some parts of coffee plants. Among these coffee seeds are the main. In the stomach of the elephant, the seeds of coffee without the digestion come out through dung. Black Ivary Coffee is prepared from these seeds, which are made out of the stomach of the elephant through cow dung. The seeds obtained from the dung of elephants are collected. They are then cleaned and processed.

Research suggests that these seeds are well cleared in the digestion process of the elephant. This cleaning is natural too. But still they are cleaned again.

Where did this idea come from

Coffee made from elephant dung is very liked in Thailand. The idea of ​​preparing coffee from seeds obtained from cow dung is also the resort of resort in Thailand. Another discovery of Antara Resorts explains the fact. According to them, the seeds of coffee are well cleaned in the stomach of the elephant. And this method is natural too.

Coffee made from dung of elephants being prepared here in India

The districts of Chikmangaluru and Kodagu of Karnataka state of South India are working for this. The farmers here are fast cooking coffee from the elephant dung. So soon this kind of coffee made in India will be seen in the market.

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