China’s hottest grandpa

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Wang Deshun, be that as it may, has different things at the forefront of his thoughts.

The 81-year-old said he likes to “search for inconvenience” and go up against more capricious assignments that represent a sterner test. In spite of juggling his time between working out at the rec center, showing up at design shoots and acting in movies and TV programs, he guaranteed that life for him nowadays is still too simple.


“Age just turns into an obstruction looking at the situation objectively. There is organic age and there is another that is controlled by your perspective,” he said.

Wang first shot to worldwide distinction in 2015 after he flaunted his conditioned build on the runway amid China Fashion Week in Beijing. About two years after that episode, the octogenarian is as yet getting immersed with messages on his Sina Weibo page lauding him as “rousing” and being “a definitive icon”. Wang has more than 300,000 adherents on the long range informal communication site.


Today, individuals allude to him as “China’s most sultry grandpa”, and his admirers reach out to even extravagance form houses. Italian brand Ermenegildo Zegna has included him in their most recent crusade in China called “Vital turning points”. It could be considered a significant respect, considering how Oscar-winning on-screen character Robert De Niro is a piece of the worldwide battle.

In the battle video that was shot in Milan, Wang is flanked by on-screen character Sunny Wang as he discusses the minute in his life that characterized him.


Wang has turned out to be such an unmistakable figure, to the point that his significant other has restricted him from tolerating media meets trying to keep up their typical lives. All things considered, his child, who is additionally his operator, has been covertly organizing meetings to be done at the rec center Wang works out at day by day.

A previous partner and companion of Wang depicted him as somebody who can survive even in the profundities of hellfire. Wang’s little girl, Wang Qiu, kidded that her dad is similar to a magnificent mistress with regards to dealing with his body.

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