7 Things Boys need to do after break up

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In the world full of feminists, here are some suggestions for chocolate boys that didn’t manged to pull off their relationships successfully.

1. Meri rooh ka parinda phad phadaye – Avoid the Analysis

The most common and threatening mistake that boys do after breaking up with their love is “analysis”. As we all know that Men are more intend in finding the logic behind the things. But my pal, in this case you need not to analyze the reason of failure. Why ? Because it doesn’t exist.

Yes ! This is not a UPSC exams that you will analyze yout mistakes and will work on it and boom its gonna work next time. No buddy it won’t.

These type of analysis just bring back the bag full of regret and nothing else. So its better to shut the case and move on.

2. Bhula dena Mujhe – Delete her number

You heard it right. Its of no use of getting friend zoned even after dating the gal. If you are trying to act mature by becoming “friends in need is the friend in deed”, then you are dead already.

Dont try to reach her on calls or on texts. She is gone and you need to work on yourself.


Imagine a situation where you will see her with her new boyfriend on the social media or on her Whatsapp status with tons of shitty love captions. Would it be delight to watch? I think NO!

Just delete the crap from your life asap.

3. Toote hue dil se sangeet nikalta h – NO

This is about filmy pals. They just follow what Karan Johar says in his films. And somehow end up losing that part of positivity too.

Your gal isn’t coming back dude. Get a life. Your sudden reluctant attitude about love and life isn’t the big change that comes after a break up. You need not to punish yourself. Just breathe high and get out of that zone where you feel things like – Love hurts, relationship hurts, expectation hurts, priority changes, people changes and dozens of loser things.

4. Shopping, not Shop Lifting

Boys take it as a girly thing but it really works. Go out with your gang, watch a movie, go bowling, eat lots of Pizza, get fizzy and for sure buy some happiness for your soul.

For the boys coming from average background, just remember that buying a casual T-shirt wont affect your monthly budget but would definitely make you handsome for your next shot.

5. Choco+late but not too late

Eating chocolates definitely reduces the stress over your mind and also makes you feel bit on the happier side. So if you are feeling like calling your ex, then just have some chocolate. Possibly things will go smoother after that.

6. Tere Naam- Rage

If you are getting impulsive and re-imagining the stance where you will break your Ex in any means, then take a chill pill bro. Your rage for her isnt the solution. She left you for her benefits so don’t give her another reason to diminish you and put you behind the bars.

7. Aisa laga mujhe pehli dafa, tanha mai ho gaya yarra – Rebound

loneliness kills. To avoid that just catch up with your gang and enjoy it to the core. Dont fall in the rebound process. Its like falling in different shits again and again. It wont help. Try to bring the best out of you. Aspire your goals. Work hard on your body. And don’t let that gal walk back in your life.

You deserve better and learn from it that nothing is permanent except your own positivity.

Whats your say ?

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