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Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse composes our normal section on solo female travel. It’s an imperative subject I can’t satisfactorily cover, so I acquired a specialist to share her guidance for other ladies voyagers to help cover the points vital and particular to them! She’s likewise incredibly knowledgable about going around Africa. This month, Kristin separates probably the most constant myths with regards to voyaging Africa.

When I educated my companions regarding my first solo excursion to Africa, they thought I was insane.

“Shouldn’t something be said about Ebola?”

“You can’t go to Africa alone! It’s excessively unsafe!”

“Will get eaten by a lion or something!”

This is a typical response from the individuals who have not been to the landmass and are accustomed to seeing it depicted in an exceptionally negative light in the news and pop culture. We regularly hear just about the terrible side: debasement, war, infection, wrongdoing, and neediness. With little else to go on, a great many people normally have a pessimistic impression of Africa.

Actually Africa is a landmass with unimaginably changed societies, scenes, and exercises that you can just understanding there. Safaris are absolutely a major draw, yet there’s a lot more to Africa than that. Africa is the place I saw my first whale shark, where I invested more energy remaining in the homes of individuals I’d quite recently met than paying for lodgings, and where I securely caught a ride from delightful shoreline town to wonderful shoreline town. It’s a landmass loaded with individuals moving, a flourishing film industry, developing tech focuses, and bunches of improvement ventures. I am still ceaselessly lowered by the accommodation and uniqueness I find there on each visit.

However each time I backpedal, I hear similar concerns, stresses, and misperceptions. Today, we should address them. Here are seven normal myths about going in Africa — and why they’re off-base:

“Africa is just one major place.”

go in africa

Africa is frequently thought of as a solitary place in the media and popular culture, similar to when Australia’s shadow remote undertakings representative Tanya Plibersek alluded to Africa as a nation. In any case, the landmass contains 54 nations, a large number of societies, an expected 2,000 dialects, and broadly dissimilar scenes. Africa is home to the biggest forsake on earth (the Sahara) and the most noteworthy unattached mountain on the planet (Kilimanjaro). More than 600 new species have been found in Madagascar in simply the most recent decade.

I’m continually overwhelmed by how much assortment there is in Africa. I’ve sandboarded down monster orange rises in Namibia, strolled along white sand shorelines in Tanzania, trekked with gorillas in Uganda, and eaten at BBQ joints in the South African townships (and favor eateries only a couple of miles away).

Discussing it like one major place is somewhat similar to stating that Europe or Asia is one major place. With Africa, you can’t sum up.

“Africa is unsafe.”


Late psychological oppressor assaults in Kenya by the radical gathering Al-Shabab, the progressing struggle with Boko Haram in Nigeria, the trouble building up a strong government in Somalia, common war in South Sudan, and the entire Kony 2012 development hasn’t helped Africa’s picture. Joined with our social memory of “blood precious stones,” the Rwandan genocide, and Black Hawk Down, a great many people’s mental picture of Africa is that of a place abounding with struggle and peril at each corner.

It’s actual that some — however positively not all — of Africa is extremely perilous to go through right now. However, this is another occurrence where you can’t sum up. There are numerous, numerous sheltered parts. As per the Institute for Economics and Peace (which constructs its rankings with respect to such components as vicious wrongdoing, psychological oppression, and inward and outer clashes), Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Madagascar, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Malawi (just to give some examples on the rundown) are all more secure than the United States.

“Going in Africa is just for voluntourism or safaris.”


I sat in an eatery in Namibia with a few local people when one of them asked brazenly, “So what are you here to spare?” After all, Africa sees an extensive number of voluntourists who come to spare something and attempt to do great (however regularly do the inverse). 47% of Peace Corps volunteers serve in Africa and, in 2014, South Africa alone invited 2.2 million volunteers!

With respect to tourism, a great many people surmise that so as to see Africa, you need to go on a safari and have everything arranged out for you. Not very many envision “hiking” through Africa as practical and safe, however simply like Asia or South America, Africa has an explorer’s trail also, and it’s loaded with individuals who are neither volunteers nor safari searchers.

There’s such a great amount of else to do and find in Africa, such as visiting the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, lazing without end on the renowned shorelines of Zanzibar, climbing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, investigating the antiquated urban areas of Marrakech and Timbuktu, scuba making a plunge Mozambique, investigating the townships in South Africa, and bungee-seizing Victoria Falls in Zambia, one of the common miracles of the world.

“You require a great deal of cash to go through Africa.”


Since a great many people accept they need to go on a safari, they believe it’s costly to go in Africa. Yet, Africa doesn’t need to be the place where there is safaris that cost a few thousand dollars for each day and shoreline lodgings with private stewards.

The inverse is in reality genuine. I was shocked that I could drive myself through Kruger National Park in South Africa or Etosha National Park in Namibia, without paying as much as possible for a visit. Between those two parks, you can without much of a stretch detect “the huge five” (the lion, elephant, wild ox, rhinoceros, and panther) all alone.

I was awed by the colossal incentive for housing also. In Mozambique, I could lease a shoreline hovel for just $15 every night, and you can discover spending housing running from $10 for an apartment to $20 for a private home (in South Africa, Namibia, and Morocco, too). I couldn’t trust how one of a kind and hip the housing in South Africa were, from campgrounds to independent excursion rentals. In Tanzania, the campgrounds were for the most part in delightful areas, with hot showers and cooking zones and at times notwithstanding swimming pools!

Transportation doesn’t need to be costly either. For instance, there are spending safari choices as low as $80 every day including sustenance, convenience, and exercises (or take yourself on a self-driving safari); Baz Bus (gone for explorers in South Africa) offers $10 short rides or a three-week go for around $325; and auto rentals in Namibia and South Africa circled $25 every day for an essential vehicle.

Africa doesn’t need to be super extravagance to be agreeable!

“Africa is grimy and immature.”


As I crashed into Rwanda, I couldn’t trust how clean everything was, with just about zero junk in favor of the street. I was similarly astonished by the sprawling manors I saw after entering the capital, Kigali. Since the mid-’90s, Rwanda has hauled more than one million individuals out of destitution and looked after peace, and also including more ladies in governmental issues (64% of individuals in parliament are ladies) than whatever other nation on the planet.

This is only one of numerous nations that are doing great in Africa, including Botswana, which rapidly exceeded its positioning as one of the poorest nations after autonomy from Britain in 1977; it has had one of the most noteworthy normal financial development rates on the planet (averaging around 9% every year from 1966 to 1999 and 5% from that point forward). The Ivory Coast is likewise encountering overwhelming development, with a GDP development of 8.5% out of 2016 contrasted with 1.6% for the United States.

Mobile phone proprietorship is soaring in Africa. I couldn’t trust that in Tanzania, in the Serengeti out of every other place on earth, despite everything I had full 3G benefit. My scope was path preferred out there over I regularly get in the United States!


I was comparatively overwhelmed by how great the streets were in a large portion of southern Africa and parts of east Africa, including Tanzania and Zambia, for instance. There are positively a lot of streets loaded with potholes or basically made of earth, yet that wasn’t the greater part of my experience on the streets there.

While there are numerous (a lot of) improvement issues that should be illuminated, the thought that most of the nations in Africa are scarcely created, poor backwaters is quite recently exceptionally a long way from the as of now reality.

“Africa is loaded with maladies.”



The Ebola alarm several years prior provoked my companions to stress that making a beeline for South Africa may place me in peril. The truth was that Europe, where I was inhabiting the time, was in reality nearer topographically to the plague than South Africa. (Once more, individuals are geologically tested with regards to this mainland.)

Jungle fever is another huge concern; be that as it may, there are significant activities set up to destroy it. While getting some information about protection measures like malarone or doxycycline is still totally prudent, in the vicinity of 2000 and 2015, instances of jungle fever on the mainland have dropped an expected 88% on account of an expansion of bug spray and mosquito nets. There’s been a 60% drop in mortality! Here’s a graph:


HIV and AIDS is likewise a noteworthy issue, particularly in South Africa and Botswana, where more than 19-25% of the populace are tainted. So, the rate of contamination in the area has fallen by 14% from 2010 to 2015. Somewhere else in Africa, for example, in Madagascar, Morocco, and Tunisia, among others, the contamination rate is underneath 0.5% of the populace.

“Voyaging alone there, particularly as a lady, is a loathsome thought.”


go in africa

Advise anybody that you intend to make a trip alone to Africa and you may be met with alarmed responses, because of the greater part of the observations recorded previously. I was as a matter of fact a smidgen hesitant to travel solo in Mo

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  1. Such an inspiring article! Thank you for showing the other side of Africa that is frequently hidden from us by the media, politics, and ignorance. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I’ve been influenced by all those myths about Africa you mention, and thus mostly dreamed of traveling to Europe, but after reading this I set myself on Google Search based quest for something related to how amazing Africa is, and some of the first things that showed up – Nollywood, the so called Nigerian movie industry, is the second largest movie producer in the world. Who would think that African country can beat the US in movie production business! So, now my goal is to see this defying country and discover other reasons why Nigeria is the best travel destination . #This is Africa


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